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1 – UVGloStik
1 – UVO Necklace (green)
1 – Tooblite (6in)
1 – Small UVPaqlite (night light for 2-3 person tent)

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The Scout Pack was designed with the Boy Scouts in mind, but it can be used by any camper, backpacker, or placed inside an emergency kit or GO Bag. The Scout Pack contains: two reusable glow sticks that can be attached to items you need to easily access in the dark, a small UVPaqlite that can be hung up inside a dark environment, like a 2-3 person tent, to provide a night light illumination all night long, and a UVO Necklace that is a light source you can wear, it will make you or something else more visible in the darkness.  All of products use an amazing glow in the dark crystals that absorbs any light to recharge (sunlight, LEDs, ambient room light), it only takes a 1-10minutes to get our products to glow all night long.  Our light sources are designed to be light weight, waterproof, and can be used anywhere. 

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