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The UVPaqlite (U-V- Pack- Light) is the amazing light designed to provide a night light illumination in an enclosed environment all night long. UVPaqlites contain glow in the dark crystals uniquely packaged in a vacuum sealed bag making the product light weight, waterproof and portable. The UVPaqlite  absorbs light from any source to charge, glows in the dark all night long, and can be reused over & over again forever.

When your eyes are fully
adjusted to the darkness UVPaqlites will provide
a low level night light
illumination in a tent, camper, bedroom, etc.

General Size Guide
Small- 2-3 person tent
Medium- 4-6 person  tent
Large- 8-10 person tent

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × .25 in


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